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About Kitschy Pop

We are a clever little wholesale gift company that can be found in the best boutique, independent and specialty stores in America! If you are one of those buyers and looking for something fresh for your store; reach out and let us know! We would love to learn more about you! We offer Ready to Retail Point Of Purchase (P.O.P., see what we did there? I told you we were clever . Our items are inexpensive, adorable, and so easy to sell you will wonder how you didn’t find us sooner!!

Air Fresheners

“They smell good, they look pretty and they will make your add on sales so much better”

These are the perfect addition to your cash wrap. Merchandising is so easy with our ready to display packaging. Burst of freshness air fresheners are approximately 6” tall, printed on pressed paper with scented oils and have a string attached for easy placement. Packaging is 3 to a pack. Available in 7 different Kitschy Designs including Flamingo, Adventure, Alpacacorn, Pineapple, Cactus, Lemon and Flamingo. For more of your specialty home stores we have created a fun floral line that includes scents of banana, lemon, vanilla and coconut.

Lip Balm

Boost those add on sales with our lavish lip balm collection. They are all-natural nourishing balms made of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, soybean oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and rosemary extract. Display is made easy with our simple glass kitschy jars. Available in Lemon, Vanilla, Coconut and Banana.

Hair Elastics

Kitschy hair elastics are fun for all ages. They will not pull or snag at your hair and make a perfect elastic on the go! They come in many awesome design and color combos including the alpacacorn, banana, pineapple, adventure and our four home and gift designs. Packaging is 4 on a card. 

Can Coolers

Keep your cans and bottles cold while keeping your hands warm and dry with these irresistible can coolers. They fit most standard cans and bottles and have the most eye-catching designs money can buy. Available in flamingo, adventure, alpacacorn and pineapple.

Tin Candles

Add a great addition to your gift and home displays with these bright and fun soy candles. With their small size of 5oz and 2.5in tall they stack easy for a pop of fun without taking up valuable display space. As an added bonus these will make your store or home smell amazing! Available in Lemon, Vanilla, Banana and Coconut.

Bursts of Freshness!

Think of us as a sprightly flourish for your point-of-sale, countertop, and add-on sales.

Packages Available

Primary Package

Superior Package

Store Starter Package

How to Order

Ordering couldn’t be easier! Simply shoot us an email to and we will get you all set up! Low minimums and everything’s in stock and ready to ship!


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